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Minorca is the quietest island of the Balearic archipelago. From East to West, it stretches only 60 km, so it is perfect for exploration on a motorbike. It is the best destination for couples in search of tranquility, combining cultural visits with beaches and unspoiled coves that will remind you of the Caribbean! Thanks to its environmental diversity and its natural heritage, the UNESCO awarded Minorca the denomination of Biosphere Reserve in 1993.

Minorca has two main cities, one at each end, which are Mahón and Ciutadella, with smaller villages with singular charm, such as Es Mercadal, Ferreries, Alaior and Es Migjorn Gran. Furthermore, Minorca has many housing developments and tourist centres such as Binibèquer, Addaia or Fornells, also known for their fishing tradition and their renowned restaurants, where the most exquisite Mediterranean dishes are cooked. Have you ever heard about the typical and delicious caldereta de llagosta or lobster soup? It is not be missed!

Motos Malta, map of Menorca


The beaches and coves around Minorca are well known for their crystal clear waters and their beautiful landscapes. You can find many unspoiled beaches known for the natural surroundings with no hotel complexes all around the coastline. You can only get to these beaches with your own transportation and sometimes, only on foot. For this reason parking is limited, particularly during the high season. If you rent a motorbike with Motos Malta you can ensure both access to these beaches as well as front row parking.

On the north side of the Island, there are many cliffs as well as reddish-sand beaches, such as La Vall and Cala Pilar in Ciutadella or Cala Pregonda and Cavalleria in Es Mercadal. On the southern coast you will find the most beautiful beaches, famous for their fine white sand; a must-see! These beaches are Son Saura, Cala en Turqueta, Macarella and Macarelleta (made even more popular by an advertisement for Estrella Damm beer in 2010), in the municipal area of Ciutadella de Menorca.


Motos Malta works with a wide range of hotels and apartments around the whole of the Island of Minorca. If you wish to book a hotel room or an apartment in Minorca, our staff at Motos Malta can provide you with advice regarding different hotel locations according to your budget, quality and location requirements.

Furthermore, we are in direct contact to adventure sports, field trips and leisure companies around the Island, depending on your needs. Our main goal is to guarantee the best service to our customers, from accommodation to places of interests and leisure activities available in a privileged spot like Minorca.


The gastronomic possibilities in Minorca are endless. There are restaurants all around the Island that fit your own pocketbook. For instance, down in the port of Ciutadella and the harbour of Mahón, and also in the charming ports of Fornells and Addaia, you will find a varied range of restaurants, some of which are internationally renowned.


Minorcan food has a wonderful reputation for being both local and fresh. The Island offers and produces many different fish species, seafood, vegetables and cold meats. In fact, many restaurants have their own fishing boats to have fresh fish everyday on their menus. The most well known dishes are the caldereta de llagosta (lobster soup), stuffed aubergines, amongst many others.

The lobster soup in Minorca was the most common dish made by the fishermen when they got back from their fishing expedition. Currently, it has turned into a luxury dish of the Minorcan gastronomy.

Apart from this, Minorca has other worthy products which are traditionally made and protected under a Designation of Origin, such as the Queso Mahón-Menorca cheese, and Gin Xoriguer (used in making the local drink called pomada (gin with lemonade) or the Binifadet wine, amongst others.


Local festivals in Minorca are inherent to the Minorcan breed horses. Both the horse riders and the horses are dressed as in yesteryear and they meet to celebrate the so-called jaleos, where the celebration and the joy of the Minorcan people along with the visitors meet and celebrate together around a century-old tradition. The typical pomada (Gin Xoriguer mixed with lemonade) is the most popular drink during these festivals all around the Island.

The most important festival on the Island falls on the 24th of June in Ciutadella to honour their Patron Saint Sant Joan. This local festival is an authentic spectacle as the town fills with locals and visitors. Therefore, if you are thinking of coming during this period, we would recommend you make your scooter and accommodation reservations in advance. 

Other local festivals are also held around the Island throughout the summertime:

  • Es Mercadal: 20th of July (Sant Martí)
  • Fornells: 20th of July (Sant Antoni)
  • Alaior: 10th of August (Sant Llorenç)
  • Ferreries: 24th of August (Sant Bartomeu)
  • Sant Lluís: 25th of August (Sant Lluís)
  • Maó: 8th of September (Mare de Déu de Gràcia)


The Camí de Cavalls is a natural track that circles the Island of Minorca. Its singular features make it appropriate for visit only on foot, riding a bike or on horseback, hence it is one of the favourite tourist routes for those trekking lovers and adventurers. Along its 20 different routes you will be able to enjoy Minorcan nature and spectacular views at full.